BAOTRI HO is the UAV Engineer and Chief Operator/Pilot at UAV Optics.  Baotri is a certified remote control (RC) pilot and has 10 years of experience in building and flying remote controlled unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).  Baotri started out as an enthused hobbyist flying RC helicopters and other UAVs but he was able to turn his hobby into an aerial videography business after meeting his partner Connie Yen who works in the film industry.  Within the first year of trying out Aerial videography, Baotri has worked on projects involving the Travel Channel, Ford, Honda, Kia car commercials and other promotional videos.  

Baotri Ho

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Connie Yen

CONNIE YEN is the Director of Photography and Production Director at UAV Optics.  She is an award winning filmmaker with a B.A. degree in Film and Media Arts from Temple University.  With her 10 years of film and video production experience, from narrative and documentary filmmaking, screen writing, directing, video production and editing, she is ready to help you put your vision into video.  She operates the camera when on production shoots, edits, and handles the business end of UAV Optics.  

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