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 Sizzle reeL!

It's been an amazing year - full of twists and turns of aerial adventures! Check out some of the work we have done with our various and diverse array of work in 2013!  We have done projects such as the Raritan River Festival and Duck Race, filmed for an upcoming feature documentary film called "The Hoax," promotional videos,  and also simply just having fun shooting the majestic beauty that is right outside  in our backyard!  


west coast adventure reel!

On April 7th, with just one hour of sleep, and with our new Matrix Quad tested and packed, the UAV Optics team headed to Las Vegas to attend the 2014 NAB show.  Afterwards, we were going to explore some of the west coast and see what it's all about!  With multiple rotating drivers on our car rental agreement, we decided to go to Arizona, L.A., the Pacific Coastal Highway, San Francisco, and shoot as much as we could within 3 days. This video is a compilation of some of the locations that we stopped by to shoot. As always, we made sure safety was a priority in everything we do.  We had so much fun shooting this that we wanted to share in our experience with you!  Hope you have fun watching our work!

The impossible of traditional aerial cinematography becomes a reality with our UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) services.  We are able to fly over, through, and around areas that would be impossible for conventional helicopters or planes to fly at only a fraction of the price of a full size helicopter!  We stay up to date in the most current UAV technology and offer state of the art technology in camera stabilization and HD videography to give you the best possible product you can find.

Though our primary focus and specialization at UAV OPTICS is aerial cinematography, the possibilities for other UAV aerial applications are endless! We can work with clients to meet a variety of needs because our UAVs can be modified for many different aerial applications. Some examples included aerial inspections of high building structures, rooftops, agricultural fields, bridges, wind turbines, etc.